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Friday Night Games at "The Landing" at Crystal City Shops
10-24-14 6:00 pm - Shirlington Road Exxon
Beer & Board Games

Let's play games this Friday at the Crystal City Shops in the open area called "The Landing."  There are many tables for games, and there are lots of eateries in the mall where you can get food to go.  We'll be starting at 6 pm, but feel free...

Friday Night SALSA at the Bistro in Old Town
10-24-14 6:00 pm - Shirlington Road Exxon
The Washington DC Spanish Language Meetup Group

This amazing weekly event is causing a stir. One of the largest venues in Old town. Accommodates the Happy Hour crowd, diners and dancers. Come out and enjoy yourselves. Happy Hour 6-8pm, Salsa lessons 8-9pm, dance the night away 9pm-2am....

Piano Night at V's
10-24-14 6:00 pm - Shirlington Road Exxon
Fairfax Piano Club

The Gas Station Concert continues! The weather forecast calls for a sunny weekend, so let's meet on Friday night for music. Then everyone can go out and enjoy the beautiful autumn weekend before the cold winter descends upon us. Shirlington Exxon...

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