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Slow Stitch Sit and Stitch Sessions
2-11-16 5:30 pm - Sehkraft
Artistic Artifacts Alexandria Artists Meetup

A gathering of Creative Minds who enjoy or are interested in the slow stitch movement.  Bring your current hand stitch fiber and needle projects and join others who share a love of fiber and create a sense of community. This is a self directed...

NOVA Networking Group
2-11-16 5:30 pm - Sehkraft
NOVA Networking Group

Join us for a networking lunch for great food, a 10 minute presentation, and an opportunity to meet new people. There is no fee to attend as a guest except the cost of lunch and a tip for the server. We are currently looking to fill the following...

Initial Meet and Greet-Drinks at Sehkraft Brewing in Arlington
2-11-16 5:30 pm - Sehkraft
New and Looking for a Girl-Squad

Starting at 5:30. Let's make new female friendships over some cocktails, brew, and apps!

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